Note: If playing for the first time, wait a couple minutes for it to download, and remember to hit the fullscreen button.

GravWars is a fast-paced, multiplayer shoot-em-up. Take control of your tank, jumping from planet to planet, and launch volleys of projectiles around the spherical gravity of planets. What's more -- it's completely free, and no in-app purchases!

Battle it out for galactic domination against friends and foes alike, both locally and across the world. It's as easy as creating a match and inviting friends to join! Unique physics, crazy weapons and randomised map size and shapes make for a different experience every time you play, be it the first time or the hundredth.


  • Addictive, realtime, shoot-em-up gameplay
  • Multiplayer rooms and matches
  • Chat with players during matches
  • Battle against real opponents across the world
  • Unique weapons to master
  • Crazy physics to play with
  • Pinch to zoom, drag from the tank to select launch power and angle, and use a selection of skills and weapons from the inventory.

  • * Good internet connectivity is recommended to play.

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